Our Focus 


"According to AFBD 2012 Women feel the sting of unemployment more as compared to their male counterparts. In most parts of Subsaharan Africa it is easier for men to get jobs even if women have equivalent skills and experience"


"According to the World Bank 2015 sub-saharan Africa's youth population is increasing by 3.9million people a year. Absorbing these individuals into productive activities that help reduce poverty and inequality rates is crucial."


"With out grass-root level interventions to the prevailing under and unemployment challenges more and more young people will fall into the vicious cycle of poverty."
AFBD 2013

Our Main Activities 

‪“The artisan economy is the 2nd largest employer in the developing world, generating incomes and providing unique skills development ‬particularly to low income communities.”‬

Basket Weaving

Our Acholi style inspired baskets are made from raffia and Veta Vera grass which grows in the wild of Uganda.

This weaving technique is been passed down from generation to generation and supports the livelihoods of artisans across Uganda 

Jewellery Making 

Our statement jewellery pieces exemplify the richness of  are made from from multi coloured recycled paper material.

Our jewellery supports Ugandan craftswomen, and is sold in partnership with retailers around the world. Each piece is fair trade and handmade with love.  

Textile & Fabrication 

Our pieces are made from authentic versatile African kitenge materials that blend perfectly with everyday style.  
Our African identity, where culture and tradition are mixed in an exchange and reflected in our natural textile and knit products. 

Introducing our team

Get to know the talented team of people who work to create sustainable livelihoods for Makers across Africa.

Kandabu Shirley

Shirley is a social entrepreneur who has devoted her time towards addressing unemployment and livelihood challenges across Africa. My experience includes managing several notable projects, accelerators, forums, design-thinking workshops, moderating dialogues and contributing to research publications aimed at advancing the inclusion of the youth perspective in order to foster entrepreneurship, collaboration and engagement. e or function

Lauren Shipley

Lauren is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about uplifting communities through resources that promote economic growth. Lauren has led several outreach activities across the United States and Africa and specifically focuses on generating creative job opportunities. Through her experience in the study of international relations and mental health, she has devoted her time to creating dignifying solutions to complex societal issues such as poverty, inequality and livelihoods.

Catherine Promise Okello Angol

Catherine is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about creative pursuits and has honed her experience working across several handicapped organisations to support underprivileged communities in Gulu a part of Northern Uganda that was largely affected by the insurgency created by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).